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Welcome to one of the many projects I host!
Or atleast the ones I am planning to host.
And of course it's also about my stream and other things!
But however this website is still work in progress and I (Rockster) am working hard on getting this website in perfect shape!

About me

My name is Rockster_dev (Not affiliated with Rockstargames in any shape or form)
I am a pretty casual person when you think about it.
I play games every so often I stream games on Twitch in my spare time and I also Develop software/Tools to make my life easier.

and since I don't have proper education I am very much unable to get a job and to fill in my days I stream on Twitch or I am working on side projects which I do for fun.
Also because I love to interact with my community in a very active way and my community is really nice and I want to share that joy with others as well.

I am not the most active of them all and also not the most open but I love doing what I do as I would love to make it my job one day which not many people can say and only want.
I am also not the best talker of them all so I try my best which is what you can see with the text above here I am not the best at selling myself.
If you want to learn more about me feel free to shoot me a message on Discord or send my a email with questions I am open to answer them as long deemed appropriate ofcourse.

Twitch stats of Rockster_dev

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Some lovely companies that I am affiliated with!