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Welcome to one of the many projects I host, or at least the ones I'm planning to host.
This website is also about my stream and other endeavors! However, it's still a work in progress, and I, Rockster, am diligently working to perfect it.

About Me

My name is Rockster_dev (not affiliated with Rockstargames in any shape or form). I'm a pretty casual person, enjoying occasional gaming sessions, streaming games
on Twitch in my spare time, and developing software/tools to simplify my life.

Due to my lack of formal education, I find it challenging to secure traditional employment. Instead, I spend my days streaming on Twitch or engaging in side
projects for enjoyment. I deeply value active interaction with my community, which is incredibly supportive. Sharing this joy with others is a significant
motivation for me.

While I may not be the most active or open person, I'm passionate about what I do and aspire to turn it into a full-time career—a dream few dare to pursue.
Despite not being the best at self-promotion, I strive to convey my genuine
enthusiasm through my work.

If you'd like to learn more about me, feel free to reach out via Discord or email with any questions. I'm open to answering them, as long as they are deemed appropriate,
of course.

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